From Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd of June

Hi everyone!

I need you to close your eyes for a second (don’t actually do it 馃憖) and imagine 馃:

June is ending, the heat of Cordoba has become unbearable, summer is coming but the year and therefore the Erasmus experience is coming to an end, all the beautiful people you have met this year are going back home and, although you will keep in touch, nothing will be the same as what you have lived this year.聽

But wait! Don’t get sad, because you still have one more chance to put the icing on the cake of what has been one of the most memorable experiences of your life, and that chance is… ESN ALGARVE TRIP 2024!!!

A weekend to enjoy the paradisiacal Algarve beaches while playing volleyball and games, connecting with other people through deep conversations and laughter, chasing movie-worthy sunsets and partying. And all this with the people who will always have a place in your heart, wherever they are.

Come on, can you think of a better way to spend 聽as Erasmus Students?

When ?

That will be from Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd of June.

How much ?

The price is fixed at 128鈧

What does it include ?

鉁 All bus transports
鉁 Your travel insurance
鉁 Our accommodation
鉁 Private Party
And the last but not the least…
Unlimited mojito at the second night beach party 馃

Sign up here to create very precious memories:

Our accommodation near to the sea! (with swimming pool)

Beautiful colour of the water

And One Of The Best Sunsets ..