What is ExchangeAbility?

ExchangeAbility is an international ESN project that works for disability. There are two main objectives from the origin of the project: On the one hand, to make ESN a more accessible association for students with disabilities through the work of the sections providing adequate conditions for the activities to be accessible to any international student

Participating in an international exchange program poses a challenge for any student facing a new city, culture, environment, language and classmates. How much more can it be for students with disabilities who may find inaccessible environments that make this experience difficult, and even with a stereotyped image of disability. This is why ESN works on the ExchangeAbility project to make our partnership accessible and to promote the available exchange opportunities.

Within ExchangeAbility there is a subproject called MapAbility, whose purpose is to create a network of accessible educational institutions. To do this, the sections complete two questionnaires: one oriented to infrastructures and another to university services, so that students with disabilities know in advance the accessibility of the universities of interest.